Fresh chicken from Mat-Su Farm Co-Op means the health and wellness of the bird is of utmost importance. Happy, healthy, and nutrient dense food is our mission. Our farm partners raise either Cornish Cross or Freedom Rangers depending on their preference and infrastructure.


Cornish Cross are fast-growing broilers, the same breed you see packaged the grocery store. Cornish thrive in a protected tractor, moved to fresh grass 2-3 times a day and supplemented with a quality broiler feed. Bred to finish in 6-8wks the flavor and texture is lighter and softer than the slow-grow counterpart, Freedom Ranger. Flock mentality and intelligence has been bred out of them for the most part in exchange for growth rate, which leads them to being victims of our numerous Alaskan predators.

Freedom Rangers finish out in 12-14 weeks. This breed is entirely different, slow growth develops flavor and texture much like Old World, darker meat chicken. They thrive in a free forage environment; flock mentality and intelligence are present.  They readily seek out weeds and insects naturally without much assistance.

Are your birds antibiotic free and non-gmo?
Yes, our boilers are antibiotic-free. Our local Mill stopped adding antibiotics to their feed about 10 years ago opting for probiotics instead.  All birds are non-gmo as far as our research has found.  Freedom Ranger parent stock has also been fed non-gmo feed.  Our locally grown, no corn, no soy feed is also non-gmo.
Are your birds free-range?
All birds are free-range, more so than any USDA definition. Most growers simply fence in their broiler flock and provide simple housing for evening roost up, use tractors or moveable fencing. Alaska does not have the confinement production system that you see from the Lower 48, thankfully. However, that means we can only raise broilers between June and October for the most part.
(Freedom Rangers pictured)