How Ordering/PickUp Works

How Ordering Works

1. Inventory is updated on Monday, once inventory is complete we send out an email notification to our subscriber list.

2. You Order.

3. During checkout remember to choose your pickup location. 

4. After ordering you will receive an order confirmation.

5. All orders must be placed by Thursday 12pm for Friday/Sunday delivery.

6. Fulfillment notifications will go out when the order is packed and ready for delivery.

7. We personally meet customers and hand off orders directly at your preferred pick up location.

8. You will eat copious amounts of delicious Alaska Grown meat and vegetables.

9. Repeat cycle on a weekly basis. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are drop points? 

"Drop Points" are locations we stop on our normal delivery route for our retail and wholesale customers. Our schedule is tight, spending only 15 minutes in each location. We strive to make deliveries short and sweet, just hand off your prepaid order and get back on the road.

Can I have someone else pick up my order? 

You may have someone pick up for you. Please notify us the day in advance if this is going to happen. 

What if I miss my drop time?

If you miss drop, you will be charged a $25 restocking fee, if you miss your preferred pick up again, your order will be immediately refunded.

What is your delivery cycle? 

Inventory is updated weekly, newsletter is sent out Monday evening, deliveries are Friday (Anchorage/Eagle River) and Sunday (Mat-Su).


Drop point information per delivery cycle?

MAT-SU: Sunday...

Palmer Carrs 12PM

Small lot area near the Palmer/Wasilla Highway between the entrance and exits

Wasilla Carrs 1PM
End of Row C next the Parks Hwy


Natural Pantry, Anchorage…..1PM

RiGeneration, Eagle River….. 2PM-6PM

*Note: I send out a text message when boxes have been dropped at Eagle River location. Orders are held for customers inside the store.

If for some reason we’re running late from one location to another, we’ll send out a group text updating everyone.

Our truck is distinctive; a blue, 4-door, Dodge truck, lifted with aftermarket rims and tires.....stickers in the back windows