Drop Off Points Anchorage-Eagle River-Mat-Su
Drop Off Points Anchorage-Eagle River-Mat-Su
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Pork Deposit: Half (On-Going)
Mat-Su Farm Co-Op

Pork Deposit: Half (On-Going)

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No Antibiotics, No Synthetic Hormones...just vitamins and minerals at birth.

No Corn, No Soy...Simply good food


$8.50/lb hanging weight, to include custom cut, wrap, sausage and delivery to a south central. Average hanging weight per half is 100-125lbs. 

*Quick definition: hanging weight is the weight of the hog’s carcass after initial slaughter and processing. It’s the weight of the carcass after the hide, head and some organs have been removed. The actual meat you will receive is typically 60% +/- of the hanging weight.

1. When your pork portion is ready, you will be called by the farm for custom processing instructions and billing for remainder of hanging weight.

2. Drop point delivery arrangements are made to south central. 

3. Enjoy delicious, Alaska Grown meat on your dinner table!

**out of area air freight charges excluded